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Ike & Martin


Ike Marr

Viola, Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo, Vocals.


Ike grew up a Southern boy from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Classically trained on viola, he naturally embraced mandolin as well as guitar, bass, banjo, brass and keys. His musical influences include Classical, Americana, Rock and Bluegrass.

Martin Shears

Guitar, Foot Bass, Dobro, Harmonica, Vocals.


Martin is a transplanted Englishman who grew up in London around folk musicians. He studied piano at an early age, then guitar, learning every single Beatles song he could: then the Who, then Pink Floyd, then...

When you add all of this up, you get a repertoire of over 1000 songs, any of which Ike & Martin can recall instantly.


The diverse background of musical influences and training allows I&M to play Classical music for wedding ceremonies, Light Rock for cocktail hours or private dinners, then Rock and Roll for receptions and corperate events. With the addition of a drummer (please inquire), I&M transform into their full Rock band called The Ike & Martin Band with a monster songlist, ready to keep folks dancing the night away.


They are a "One Stop" musical act. Their versatility allows them to provide any and all music needed for any special event, no matter what kind of music the occasion calls for.

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