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Pick the Songs

Touch the song title. Hit Send. Have fun!

Ike & Martin maintain a "Mobile Request Line" where listeners at I&M performances can request songs of the band, in real time by visiting on their mobile phones.


On your mobile device, simply go to, touch the title of the song you would like to hear and hit send.


I&M will receive the request live, on stage, and play the songs as they come up. This makes for a fun audience interaction and creates an active listening environment which draws the audience into the performance. This feature is exclusive to Ike & Martin and is not found anywhere else within the industry.


Ike & Martin have a repertoire of over 1000 songs. The following list is representative of their material, but is by no means all of their material.


I&M are more than happy to learn specific material for any special function...within reason.*


* "Within reason" means overly cliche songs will be ignored. No Brown Eyed Girl, no Buffet, no Skynrd...unless we are not in our right minds.

From the UK

Mumford and Sons


Little Lion Man

The Cave

I Will Wait

The Pretenders

Back on the Chain Gang

Rod Stewart/Faces

Ooh La La

Maggie May

From the US


Never Gonna Change

Alice N Chains

Stay Away


Toad The Wet Sprocket

All I Want
Good Intentions  

Blue Mountain

Blue Canoe

The Singles

80's Singles

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